Employee Management System for HTL.

Managing employees and monitoring their performance is a daunting task. Nexrupt Technologies accepted the challenge to make this task a bit easy. We developed an Employee Management System for HTL. This system allows the large-scale multi-location offices to manage employees and staff performance. Both internal and international offices leverage this system to handle multi-layer of data processing in three different data regions.

Complete POS Application Development for Nedbank South Africa

Nexrupt Technologies has developed a system for bank to boost management efficiency and client service. We have delivered a robust solution to Nedbank, one of the largest banks in South Africa. The development of POS applications has allowed better inventory management. Nedbank POS application is available for desktop and mobile users. This application ensures high-security standards and ultimate mobility. Since Nexrupt Technologies has an extensive experience in developing apps, the company was chosen for the project. The POS platform was designed to allow multi-branch connectivity. Providing an easy-to-use interface and helping Nedbank to make their clients more flexible, and gain more control over their financial activities, Nedbank’s POS application enjoys great popularity.

Multi-Layer Loyalty Points System for Wimpy South Africa.

There is nothing more alluring to customers than a loyalty system. Wimpy has relied on us for the development of a multi-layer loyalty points system. This system also involved banks handling accounts focused on offering value-based rewards. They wanted to create a tier-based loyalty system that leverages the power of behavioral science to boost customer loyalty. With more than 700 fast food branches, Wimpy Food South Africa aims to engage its customers with a rewards-paid system. Nexrupt Technologies has implemented a multi-tiered server management system in conjunction with 3rd party loyalty points disbursement infrastructure.

PetStock E-Commerce

PETstock is an Australian-owned company aiming to become a leading pet care supplier in Australia. They turned to Nexrupt Technologies for assistance providing their customers with quality products and building their supply chain system. Reinvigorating PETstock’s supply channels was a key part of the project, Nexrupt Technologies helped the company in spreading the chain and improving customer engagement and faster delivery service. With our dynamic strategy, we have developed a supply chain system that enabled PetStock to increase its sales and cater to the product demands of the customers.


For pet lovers, PetMyPal is a platform that allows pet owners to strengthen their bond with their pets inside the digital world. PetMyPal wants to offer an exceptional experience to pet owners. They called on our team to develop the social ecosystem platform that caters to the needs of the pets. We have integrated many technologies involving artificial intelligence-based recognition technology and GPS-based pet location that alert the pet owner in real-time when their pet is found. Besides, Nexrupt Technologies has featured A.I-based breed detection that helps in identifying the pet’s breed in no time. With this system, we are privileged to improve social networking and special bonding with pets and pet lovers throughout the world.