Our methodology shows our dedication toward the clients work.


Agile Methodology is a people-focused, results-focused approach to software development that respects our rapidly changing world. It’s centered around adaptive planning, self-organization, and short delivery times. 

  • Analysis. Whenever we have a new project, we completely analyze all aspects of it. This phase involves detailed discussions with the client, including the strategies and suggestions from our team. We plan and organize the whole project taking in view of the client’s demands and requirements.
  • Design. The next phase involves designing the project according to the strategic plan. Our team members, both creative and analytic departments, join heads to design the project in the unique Nexrupt way. Creative team pitches in new ideas and the analytic team discuss its practical aspects until we have a final design of the project in hand.
  • Development. After designing the project, we have a blueprint in hand, and then our skillful team starts the development process. We work hard on developing our every project and make use of every available resource to give it a touch of Nexrupt Technologies. Our development procedures are creative, elegant, and also aligned with our client’s requirements and expectations.
  • Quality Analysis. We only strive to give our clients the best! Therefore, we have run a very strict quality analysis after developing a project. Our team members are highly professional and run a thorough detection program before we set out to deliver the project to our clients. In Nexrupt Technologies, we believe nothing can beat the quality!
  • Deployement. In the deployment phase, we make your project up and running. We encompass all the related processes that are acting in the project to work properly. This step can include configuration, installation, testing, running, implementing, and also making the required changes wherever necessary to get your project going just the way you wanted for it.
  • Maintenance.We take a thorough look before we make the final decision, and this can involve the maintenance phase. Not only the project needs to operate, but it needs to maintain its functionality, and we make sure it does! At Nexrupt Technologies, we ensure proper maintenance of your project so you can have something you absolutely love.

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